The education team has some exciting news to share! Seven new applicants took the Certification Assessment for becoming fully accredited Beloved Photographers at the Beloved Collective Festival in Los Angeles on October 21st.

The purpose of the Certification Assessment is for a panel of experienced and qualified judges to evaluate an applicant’s understanding, technique, demeanor and conduct to be able to advise points of merit and points for improvement. We want to be able to credit those who have a great grasp of both the principles behind the Technique and great performance during a shoot, and help others to reach that level with a little helpful advice.

We were very pleased with the knowledge of the technique that all the applicants showed, and they all conducted their live shoots well. Four of the applicants, Kristin Kozelsky, Liz Arcus, Anna Dobrenski and Marisa Chappell, showed wonderful technique and have received their Certifications.

Special mention must go to Kristin Kozelsky who got full marks! The judges particularly enjoyed Kristin’s interaction with the couple. She gave them space and reassurance at the right times, listened with care, explained her invitations very well and matched her demeanor to her invitations and muses.

Liz Arcus, who has long been a dedicated and skilled champion of the Beloved Technique was very open with her couple and used beautiful language, inviting them into her space.

Anna Dobrenski gave a beautifully clear explanation of how important the Clear State is when you enter a shoot. Her behavior during the shoot was lovely and calm and she was very good at managing the couple.

Marisa Chappell’s demeanor during the shoot was calm and engaging. She gave the couple a good level of reassurance, and demonstrated strength in using information given to her and in listening to the couple during shoot to build a spontaneous invite.

We are so grateful to our wonderful couple Drew and Angela for their time and their grace.

Certified Beloved Photographers have the benefit of a special discussion and referral group and will be listed in the upcoming Beloved Photographer Directory on the website. They’ll also receive certificates and unique badges for their website and promotional material and will have the benefit of access to new training products before anyone else.

A few applicants did not receive their Certification on this occasion, and were advised on some aspects of their technique that they can improve on. They will be assessed again, free of charge, when they feel they are ready.

In order to be eligible for the Certification Assessment, you must first have completed the Beloved Online Training I. If you are interested in taking your Certification Assessment or in enrolling for the Online Training, please contact