It is a tradition at the Beloved Collective Festival, and subsequently at Adventure Always, that participants are welcomed to submit their crazy dreams and ideas in the hopes of winning a Golden Ticket, a $5000 grant, to make those dreams reality. At the conference this year, the winner of the Golden Ticket was Beth Fernley, a photographer based in Australia. Her application detailed a dream to build a non profit organisation called The Gift of Hope Foundation.

Here are a few paragraphs from her proposal that won her the scholarship.

Members of the Australian Professional Photographic Community will volunteer their time and talent to provide Portrait sessions for families with a member who is terminally ill. The families will be given an opportunity to capture the positive moments shared as a family, away from treatments and the stress living with a terminal illness brings. Each photographic session is an opportunity to normalise living with a terminal illness, reflect on the true meaning of family, and provide witness to a life that is still being lived.

You can read more about the inspiration for the project here.