What is the Beloved Technique?
The Beloved Technique is a tool to help you add authentic emotional content to your images, which your clients will value beyond measure. The Beloved Collective Education Team offers online training and resources to help photographers get started with the Beloved Technique and develop the emotional content of their images.

We have put some of the most important resources together in the Beloved Starter Packs. There are two variations of the kit available:
Beloved Starter Pack – Couples
+ Beloved Field Guide – Couples 1
+ Visual Voice – Couples
+ Beloved Online Training (chosen cycle)
+ Beloved Collective Membership for 1 year

Beloved Starter Pack – Families
+ Beloved Field Guide – Family 1
+ Let’s Play – Family
+ Beloved Online Training (chosen cycle)
+ Beloved Collective Membership for 1 year

Let’s talk through what is included in detail.

Online Training
If you want to learn how to use and incorporate the Beloved Technique into your way of shooting, the best place to start is with the Online Training Course, which is run quarterly (included in the Beloved Starter Kit).

Becoming proficient at the technique involves development both in self-awareness and in reading of others, as well as learning how to use some of the more practical tools such as the Field Guide invites. For this reason, we have designed a course that gives you time for reflection and discussion as we go through the main principles that underpin the technique.

This video-based six-week course is set in a purpose built training environment. Each week, you will be sent simple assignments to help you process the information contained within the videos. You will also be sent a simple experiment to do yourself, which forms the basic of a discussion topic between you and your classmates. There is a private discussion group and a Beloved Instructor on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

When you have completed the Online Course, you will be eligible to take your Beloved Photographer Certification Assessment. The Assessment has three parts:
1)     an in person practical assessment of you shooting using the Beloved Technique with a couple
2)     an evidence based assessment of images you took during the practical assessment
3)     a conversation to assess your understanding of the Beloved Technique

You will receive detailed feedback from the Assessment and pointers on how to refine your technique from qualified Beloved Teachers. If you are successful, you will become fully accredited in the Beloved Technique, and receive access to unique benefits.

When you have completed the Online Training and passed your Certification Assessment, and used Beloved in your work for a while, you will be eligible to apply for your Beloved Teacher Qualification. You will be given guidance and required to submit past Beloved Shoots for review, as well as teach a small group for assessment. Once you are qualified as a Beloved Teacher, you will be able to officially offer talks, seminars and workshops about Beloved, judge certification tests and have access to a wealth of other benefits reserved only for qualified teachers.

Field Guides
The Field Guides: Couples I, Couples II and Family I contain 3 Intensity Levels of playful & heart-warming interactions called ‘Beloved Invites’ that photographers use with their clients to evoke feeling during photo shoots. Each set includes digital files containing new Beloved Invites, guidance in using them, as well as inspirational example images created using the Field Guide. You can purchase these before doing the Online Training, but we do recommend the course to help develop your way of being in a shoot, as how you deliver the invites is as important as the words you speak.

Other Tools
We have developed a number of tools to create even more poignant work for your clients. Visual Voice Couples and Visual Voice Solo allow you to easily create remarkable mixed-media images & experiences by giving your clients a new way to express themselves in your work. They include 20 questions photographers give to their couple clients before or during sessions that draw out beautiful expressions of feeling in the form of captions.

For Play (couples) and Let’s Play (families) contain interactions photographers give to their clients to choose from and complete individually the week before the session. When the experiences are shared during the session, they draw out beautiful expressions and create unforgettable memories, right during the shoot.

We are confident that these resources and the extensive and growing Beloved Community will give you all you need to create meaning-rich, fulfilling and valuable experiences and imagery for those you photograph and yourself.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ria & Florence at the Beloved Collective Education Team!