We’re busy working on the first issue of the Beloved Collective magazine, which launches this Spring, and will be filled with inspiring stories and photographs to nourish the artistic spirit, and we need YOUR help!

Firstly, we’d like to you to submit images that fit the issue theme of dreams and daydreaming, along with a couple of sentences about the image and how it represents the theme. You can be as literal, or not, as you’d like. In fact we’d love it if let your imagination run wild!

Secondly, we’re looking for your photographs and stories from Adventure Always 2013.

And finally, we’d like you to submit sets of images for a showcase of Beloved photography, we’d love to be able to publish everything from couple and family sessions to solo sessions.

If you would like to contribute to any or all of the above features, please read the submission guidelines and get in touch by March 7th.

Many thanks!
Miranda, Editor