I hope you’re all well and excited about Adventure Always in October!

In the meanwhile, I have some other exciting new developments to share with you. As you might know, I’ve been acting as the Director of Beloved Collective for the past year. My main tasks as I saw them were to streamline the structure behind the scenes, create opportunities to showcase your work through our blog, social media and magazine, and oversee the creation of a new online learning platform and membership programme. I’ve worked with a wonderful team with whom we have dedicated countless hours to developing our product line, services, and on making things run smoother, and I truly feel like we have accomplished everything we set out to do.

So, the time has come for me to narrow my focus slightly. Which brings me to the first piece of super exciting news – the Beloved Magazine now has it’s own website! I will be moving from the Beloved Collective administration to focus solely on the magazine. I feel passionate about making sure the magazine meets its full potential, and helps spread the word on Beloved, and your beautiful work, as far and wide as possible. Since we’re currently only publishing one issue per year, I aim to develop the magazine website to work as a bridge between the issues, offering the same inspiration as the magazine itself does.

The second development is to do with the Education Team. I picked Florence & Ria to develop the Beloved Collective training, as I knew how much they believed in Beloved, and how qualified they were to mould the training infrastructure into something that would better serve the community. I am beyond proud and impressed with what they have accomplished, from creating the new training environment, to streamlining all the processes. Now that the establishing work is complete, Florence and Ria are heading out into the field to provide hands on training, and to create more opportunities for Beloved Photographer Certification Assessments in Europe. A new administration team will be put in place.

All three of us have had such a blast working at Beloved Collective, and we’ve especially enjoyed connecting with all of you, the true heart and soul of the community. We’re super excited to see how far we can push Beloved, and I hope all of you will help with that mission in any small way you can.
We hope you’ll be patient with the interim administration team, headed by Theresa, while they assess which roles need to be filled with new people. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, do get in touch! I’m also really looking forward to seeing your submissions for the next issue of the magazine, and the website!

Very best wishes,