Despite the fact that for most of you it is probably the peak of the season, some of you still managed to find time to send us submissions of your beautiful beloved sessions, for what we are incredibly thankful to all of you. One of these people is Adam from Raconteur Photography who sent us a Beloved session of James & Katie.

A few words from Adam:

‘This is a beloved session I did a few weeks back. The couple went to school together and only recently hooked up and the chemistry was electric. I chose not to inform them about the beloved technique beforehand but rather starting fresh on the shoot. I did though contact James through Facebook and asked him to write a love letter to Katie, just saying how she makes him feel and any promises he would like to give her. During the shoot I asked James how he went with his assignment (not to put him on the spot) he said he had done it. Katie was like whats going on? We just smiled as James went off to get it. She held back the tears as he read his love letter to her. Her words to me after was “this is one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me”.’

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