We hope you’re all having a wonderful week and are all set for the weekend. To make the start of it even more pleasurable for you we have a beautiful engagement beloved session for you from amazing Tanya Kay Photo. This is what Tanya said about the session:

‘This night was a whirlwind of romance as these two souls laughed, played and whispered their hearts to each other.

Megan and I go waaay back to our college days. She is what would be considered a “best friend” and one of the closest things to a sister. When together, we are quite a sight. Energy and immediate excitement sparks, uncontrollable laughter and many wild, somewhat risky adventures are bound to happen. This kindred spirit has been a source of love and encouragement to my life and I couldn’t imagine what these past years would have been without her friendship.

Megan is marrying an incredible man, Joel. His calm, yet steady strength seems to balance her outgoing social craziness of which all who know Megan, love her for. Joel is giving, kind, humble, solid, genuine, dedicated, compassionate and the list goes on. His quiet heart of gold is loud in his actions and love for Megan and others.

It was a joy to capture their date night adventure! 

For the fireworks photo I had one more activity for them. Without telling the other person, they had to write how many children they would want if culture, money or circumstances wasn’t hindering their decision. Megan later told me that she always told Joel a smaller number so this would surprise him once he sees this.’

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