We hope you’re all been doing great and that you had an amazing time taking photographs of beautiful muses throughout the whole summer. Today we’re going to look back at summer solstice thanks to Sarah Mason who sent us these wonderful photographs.

Here’s a little bit of info from Sarah about the session:

“Based in the beautiful West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, I’m a little spoilt for choice on which location to use as a backdrop. We have steep sided valleys, moors (we’re not too far away from Bronte country), ancient woodlands, and lots of water in the shape of canals, rivers, reservoirs and quite a bit that falls from the sky too! I have photographed Phoebe & Mabel, and their parents, Louise & Danny a few times before. For me it’s about building relationships with clients over the years, and I’m so happy many clients are now friends.

Each shoot has reflected Mabel & Phoebe’s characters and personalities as they’re growing up. For this shoot we decided to set it around camping, an activity they love as a family. They have a beautiful bell tent, and my mind set racing with ideas! We picked the summer solstice, June 21st, and kept our fingers’ crossed for some beautiful evening sunlight. It didn’t disappoint! We set up camp in a beautiful meadow, filled with long grasses and wildflowers. I find that when kids are engaged in an activity, and enjoying something they are doing, they forget about me and my camera, and for me that’s when I capture the best shots. On this shoot we had twirling through the meadows, stories under the blanket, a little tea party and right at the end, listening for the fairies as the sun set behind the hill. Take a picture tell a story is one of my tag lines, and this shoot had many chapters.”

Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0001 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0002 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0003 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0004 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0005 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0006 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0007 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0008 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0009 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0010 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0011 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0012 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0013 Beloved_Photography_Sara_Mason_Photography_0014