Kellie Sinclair shared some photos of this beautiful Beloved session in our Beloved Collective Facebook group and I fell in love with the couple and the images immediately so I got in touch with Kellie to see if we can feature this session. She was happy to submit some images to us, so I’m really happy to share it with you today:)

Some words from Kellie about the couple and the session:

‘Ben and Kyree met in High school and started off as Best Friends, It wasn’t until after they graduated that they fell in love with each other. Since then they got engaged in th the beautiful Santorini and are building their first home together.
Ben and Kyree are getting married next year in November in Perth, so we head out one afternoon in August to get to know each other and capture their love for each other.
Kyree styled their session so beautifully, with lace and flowers to give it that vintage look. It matches her personality perfectly.
This is what Ben + Kyree had to say about their experience at their session:
“I just want a HUGE thank you. You’re amazing and your photos are out of this world. Both Ben and I are extremely over the moon with how professional and fabulous they look. Not what I had imagined at all, they are a MILLION times better!!! It was a very steamy shoot, we haven’t kissed that much in awhile so it was really nice to get back to how we were 9 years ago. Thanks to you of course.”‘
Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0001 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0002 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0003 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0004 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0005 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0006 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0007 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0008 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0009 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0010 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0011 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0012 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0013 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0014 Beloved_Photography_Kellie_Sinclair_Photography_0015