Hello all the lovely people. Are you ready for another beautiful beloved session? This is one of the very few solo beloved session we’ve been submitted so we’d like to say big thank you to Lynette Brown from Blinc Pics Photography  for sending it our way.

Let’s take a look at what Lynette wrote about Annette her beautiful muse and the session:

‘Annette is an actress and a very creative person, she is currently building her own website to help people become more freethinking in their creative work and she wanted some images for her website. 

We both got really excited with ideas for our photo shoot and it was even more special for me as it would be my first official Beloved photo shoot after gaining my certifications two weeks before.

On the day of the shoot Annette was amazing to work with, we had chosen a location called jeskyns park, which is part of the Forestry just on the outskirts of London in a beautiful town called Cobham in Kent.

When speaking with Annette she had expressed her vision of images in long grass, it was amazing because we both have a love for long grass and I know intensity this would be the right place.

At the start of our session Annette was not feeling to good with a headache, but still wanted to go ahead with the photo shoot. The day after our session I received an email from Annette:

“Hi Lynette, It was lovely to meet you yesterday, I think you are a wonderful photographer and you made me feel relaxed when I arrived uptight and with a headache… I loved your approach to the photography and the whole session was a lot of fun, and I will differently be booking another session.”’

 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0001 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0002 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0003 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0004 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0005 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0006 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0007 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0008 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0009 Beloved_Photography_Lynette_Brown_Blinc_Pic_Photography_0010