well, i have always been fascinated by the brain, its functions, how it works with the mind and heart: even more importantly, how the wholeness of our being works together like a finely-tuned machine (usually, lol), an organic, chemical-bio-electrical being, completely and utterly complex, a fascinating system synergistically participating in and with and through what we call life, then combined with the spirit or soul or breath – whatever you wish to name that invisibleness that also contributes to the essence of life as we know it – you’ve got magic, people, the pure magic of you. <3

so, how is it, with all this going for us, that we get to these places in our lives in which the magic is just not there? at least not to the degree that we wish or hope? and how can we get it back?

there is SO much being explored by scientists world-wide about movement, yes, like moving your limbs and torso – how it encourages creativity, stimulates and energizes the brain, facilitates cognitive function and thus, higher thinking processes such as creativity – and so i challenge you to do the following with me: a week-long challenge, actually, because i would love to hear your report of what is happening for you at the end of the week! day by day, though. i’d love to hear what you are experiencing daily with it (doesn’t have to be an extensive, lengthy dissertation ;) but reporting to one another so that we are held accountable to the challenge!

of course, i would love/ hope for you to share about it – real time, journal it if need be, but record it somewhere and then share it with us!

there are a few articles to read which might help us in this exploration, so if you wish you can peruse – a little bit, not too much as to get the limbic system (mid-brain emotional center) inside the brain all stirred up and into action… but just enough to tickle your fancy:


and this one is an interesting read:

so, here’s my idea and the challenge:

visualize your area of stuckness: using your mental faculties, your imagination – not over-thinking it, but just giving it a shape and size, dimension, something tangible. record your observations in whichever medium you choose (take a photo, draw a picture with crayon, or pencil or pen, chalk or paint or other), but do so without judgement, without criticism – this is NOT an exercise of whose image/visual expression is the prettiest. and share it with us! tell us what you are experiencing – even if it is, “well, nothing happening yet.” that’s still a somewhat objective observation!

the next day, then dance with it: let it (the stuck area) move in your body – jazz it up or slow it down, get all funky with it, or twirl with it – all the while considering this thing, this problem area, this unfeeling or disconnection – in your mind/heart/body, allowing your whole self to experience it. try different kinds of music, musical scores, operatic arias, country western, spiritual, and include your favorite genre. then share it with us, what is your experience with it now. has the situation moved, changed, gotten worst? what does it feel like now? can’t wait to see your moves! have to, have to share with us, just have to :)

the next day, now walk with it: slowly, meditatively, intentionally and then walk through it, climb over it and crawl under it; allow your situation to walk as if in your shoes, allow it to move in waves through your whole system – as you breathe, take it in and then blow it out. okay, this is like really using your body stuff – don’t just mentalize or visualize these actions: i am talking get down on the earth and doing some crawling around!! ha! ha! and share if you will, pretty please.

the next day, then play with it a bit: throw it around… like a ball, or a kite, run with it and see where it will take you! or drum with it – even if you use a spoon on the table, drum out the rhythm of this thing and let your body really feel it. then please share – even if this is getting a bit ridiculous and silly!

and finally, then sing about it: create a song or sing a song – like an opera, like a living, breathing story – let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore, lol!!! or sing one of your favorite songs – at the top of your lungs – shout it out (in the shower or elsewhere) and then share your experience.

and then listen: in stillness, in contemplative awareness, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…

hey, by the end of this challenge at least you will have been a bit more active! but hopefully some clarity will come, some way through, some way around when you hadn’t thought there was a way. perhaps something shifted for you, someone or something happened into your life in a different way… share that too, if you will. i would love to hear about your experience.


” ‘The artist takes the body with her,’ Maurice Merleau-Ponty noted a few decades ago. The rest of the body—movement, gesture, musculature, autonomic functions—shapes how thought happens. At least that’s what some scientists are tracking. The implications could be significant for how we learn, create, and work.”