Aaaand another week has passed, hopefully you had one filled with joy and laugher. If it wasn’t so great, we have something to lift your spirits higher.

Krystle from KE Photography has sent us this wonderful beloved session of Emma and Lacy and of course we couldn’t say no. We fell in love with these two girls a couple weeks ago when we featured one of the images on our Instagram feed, so we’re more than thrilled to share more images from their beautiful session with you today.

Here’s a few words from Krystle:

‘Emma & Lacy’s same-sex Beloved Session was sun-filled and warm, and full of innocence and joy. Prior to their session, I asked the girls a few questions without the other knowing.(Along with writing each other love letters – which you will see them reading amongst these images).

I asked Lacy how Emma made her feel. Lacy said: ”Emm makes me feel that its okay to be me.”

This response was just so beautiful and raw, and perfectly reiterated my inspiration for their session.. To highlight the importance of that feeling – same sex or otherwise – that feeling of being completely honest with yourself and enveloped enough in love by your partner to love who you are, and feel confident in your own skin.

The location we agreed to perfectly portray this was a rural field in Western Sydney, Australia. The long grass swayed in the wind’s light breath as Lacy & Emma celebrated their relationship so purely.’

Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0001 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0002 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0003 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0004 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0005 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0006 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0007 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0008 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0009 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0010 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0011 Beloved_Photography_Kephotograhyau_0012