Today we’re bringing you another wonderful Beloved session. This one is of a beautiful couple Karissa and Akash and was captured by the eye, mind, heart and of course a camera of Jodi from A Thousand Words Photography.

Here’s what Jodi wrote to us about the session and her muses:

‘I am submitting this Beloved Session to be considered for the blog as well as the magazine. Please let me know if I need to make a separate submission for the magazine. This Beloved session took place in Peace River, Alberta Canada in the incredibly beautiful Peace River Valley. Karissa & Akash were absolutely perfect muses as they were willing to try anything I suggested and were so open to the invites. I could just feel the love between them. Karissa was amazing and had put so much thought into their session and had all the perfect accessories to complement the stunning fall colours. I am so thankful during every session that I have the Beloved invites to bring out the beautiful emotion in my clients.’

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