We are excited to share the beautiful work from Australian and Singapore based photographer Samuel, from  Samuel Goh Photography.  He has included the love story about his muses and some insight from them as to how they found their session with him.

How did you meet?

“Bernard and I met in 2006 at the university where we both studied the same course and became friends. It all began on Christmas Eve of 2010 when we happened to be each other’s ‘Secret Santa’, but it wasn’t until after our graduation in 2011 that we started working together at the same place and hung out more often. He asked me out on a date one fine day in February and we’ve been together ever since.”~ Hazel

How did he propose?
“Bernard surprised me with a trip to Bali for our third year anniversary and I thought it was nothing more than a fun getaway for the two of us. But when the clock struck midnight on the day of our anniversary, I heard someone knocking on our door. I was already asleep then, but I got up to find the bed empty. I opened the door and saw a little candle trail decorated with rose petals, and accompanied by the pictures of us from the day we first met to the day we got together. At the end of the memory lane, there he was, kneeling down on one knee and holding a ring. He asked me to marry him, and I said, ‘YES!’” ~ Hazel

What was the inspiration behind your engagement shoot?
“We wanted to have our engagement shoot in a casual and rustic setting with lots of nature and old architecture. Our awesome photographer Samuel suggested we shoot at Portsdown Road and it couldn’t have been a more perfect location.” ~ Hazel

Do you have any interesting moments or stories to share from the day of the shoot?
“We were very nervous and didn’t know what to expect since this was our very first photo shoot with a professional photographer. It was so hot on that day so it made us even more tense, but Samuel helped us a lot by making us talk to each other casually and recall ‘moments’ from the past, which really helped us feel more at ease at the shoot. We spent one evening at the location and despite the weather, we were laughing and giggling like kids, and Samuel captured all those unforgettable moments that Bernard and I shared.” ~ Hazel

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