This week we are featuring this beautiful, intimate Beloved session of Flora & Adam, shot by the lovely Maz Pedersen of Australian based Life Photography.
A bit about Flora & Aaron and their session:
The session is shot in the Margaret River area of Western Australia. We hiked into this lovely forrest area to get an intimate and private setting for their session.
Flora & Aaron both work away and so their time together is very precious and it’s really obvious that these guys are deeply in love!
They shared some beautiful stories about the way they met and the little things that noticed about each other when they fell in love.
I invited them to also bring along some of their favourite music. When we played it, they immediately started to dance out in the middle of this gorgeous field surrounded by tall grass and trees. It was just beautiful to watch.
Their tender touches, the gorgeous belly laughs and the quiet in between moments – these guys are so in love!

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