Today’s beautiful session is from Sonja Stich from Sonja Stich Photography.

Here are a few words about her experience with the muses:

My friends Lia and Ferran are the beautiful muses for this session. I photographed them for my final assignment of the Beloved Online Training. As this was my very first couple’s session and also my first beloved session I was pretty nervous. We went to a place outside of Barcelona, which for the two has a meaning and then changed the location three times following the last rays of evening sun.

After the first invite the ice was broken and the two have almost forgotten about me and the camera. The session was an extraordinary experience for all of us, emotional and fun. It was towards the end that Ferran proposed marriage to Lia, and at this point we were all moved to tears.

This is what Lia wrote about her experience:

Sonja … made us feel so comfortable, we had such a good time that we forgot the click of the camera so the session turned out to be a beautiful and unforgettable experience for both of us.

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