Today’s session is from Beth Fernley of Beth Fernley Photography in Sydney, Australia.

Here are a few words about how her clients enjoyed the experience using the Beloved Techniques:

“This session was the first that I had been able to use my new Playful Heart invites and games and it was a huge success.

“The kids had an absolute blast and the Mum was effusive with her praise during and after the session, even emailing me afterwards to thank me again and tell me how the girls didn’t stop talking about the session until they fell asleep that night.”2015-03-19_0015 2015-03-19_0014 2015-03-19_0013 2015-03-19_0012 2015-03-19_0011 2015-03-19_0010 2015-03-19_0009 2015-03-19_0008 2015-03-19_0007 2015-03-19_0006 2015-03-19_0005 2015-03-19_0004 2015-03-19_0003 2015-03-19_0002