We love this beautiful session from Australian based Jo Guihot of JG Images!

From Jo: I met Esther and David on a warm afternoon, just before Autumn here in Australia had really set in.

There is beautiful changing light at this time of year. I had spoken to Esther on the phone about her session and why she and David had decided to get photos done with me. As soon as I spoke to her I knew that her relationship with David was extremely special, against the odds they were thriving in a long distance relationship between Australia and America. They were making it work, and it was clear to me that when David touched down in Australia in a few short weeks (for a short stay while on leave from the US Marines) that it was going to be a really special time for Esther, and no doubt for him too.

We decided on a typically Aussie setting of the beautiful Central Western bushland, to give David a taste of something he doesn’t have at home and really create special memories while he was here. Leading up to the session, I spoke with Esther via text and email and it was really hard to contain my excitement about meeting them and doing this session.

They are an amazing couple, two beautiful people who have a really special relationship. One that not many people have. Esther is beautiful, caring and genuinely lovely girl. David was full of charm, humour and eyes for Esther. You could see them sparkle when she made him laugh.

I asked Esther about the session a week or so after it and this is what she said:
“The photo session with Jo was amazing for both of us, because it really got down to who we are as a couple. It was like a trip down memory lane when Jo prompted us with different questions and activities to help us relax, and focus more on each other and our relationship. Some of the scenarios were silly and fun, and others were way more intimate and deep. My favourite activity was the ‘letters,’ because it was something we’d never done before. And taking all our deepest feelings and reading them out loud to each other really brought out our truest colours, and it was such a powerful moment for me.

After the session with Jo we both felt strength in our relationship after reflecting on it all afternoon…it just took a little reminder to have all those feelings flooding back and fresh in our minds. Looking back on the photos is amazing, I can’t necessarily remember the things that we said or did, but I can remember the feelings vividly. Our session with Jo was amazing and resulted in photos a million times better than I could have wished for! She gave us ‘us.’ There is no better way to describe it. Not average ‘smile at the camera’ photos, but candid, real, emotive photos!”

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