Today’s beautiful session is from Jess Chia of Essence Images, a Certified Beloved Photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

From Jessica:

This gorgeous little family came to visit for a petite session last year. By Petite i mean short – 30 minutes, in fact. But how much fun did we have in that time? A lot! Their closeness was so obvious and their pride they have for their beautiful daughter.

It’s great working in my studio because I can really concentrate on my muses without worrying about anything too technical as I know the space and the light so well now. I was loving how quickly we were all laughing and relaxing and just spending some really lovely moments together.

I heard about how they met and how Isla was born a little early, and how stressful that was but how much she is adored for her charming spirit. I can see these images being displayed as a beautiful reminder to them of the true meaning of “family”.

How did using the Beloved technique affect your session?

“Using the beloved technique, has taught me to prepare prior to the shoot by grounding myself and making sure I am present for my clients. During the session, the initial light invitations allow my client to feel comfortable and relaxed in the space.

“It triggers the memories back to moments (like how they met) they perhaps don’t think about that often but do bring very strong and warm memories when they do. The invites help to let my clients know that I am interested in them as people and not just wanting the ‘get them in and out of the studio’. It’s about the time we are spending together, and not just about doing something (getting photos) to purely get a certain outcome”

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