This week we are featuring this lovely beach session from Tamara Avery Wickstrom of Tamara Wickstrom Photography.

“The morning of this photo shoot I received an email from the Mom giving me the heads up that as a family their clothing rarely matches, they wear lots of color, and it’s hard to find outfits for the girls that do not have holes or dirt on them. My reply was that holes and dirt are better than okay, and yes please to lots of color!

“For almost two hours the six of us (and Tulip, the dog) talked and laughed and played, along the beautiful beach and bluffs of Cayucos, California. When I look at the photos that I get after a session I always fast forward to 20 years from now. What will the muses think when they look at these photos in 20 years?

“I hope Tulip’s family will look at these and see a beautiful young family, full of a whole lotta love and joy. “2015-05-24_0001 2015-05-24_0003 2015-05-24_0004 2015-05-24_0007 2015-05-24_0005 2015-05-24_0006 2015-05-24_0002