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Profile Magazine, Sunshine Coast’s largest monthly lifestyle publication.
July 2015 edition focusing on ‘Women of Influence’ shining the spotlight on successful women who are making their mark!

About Helga: Twin Photojournalist Helga Dalla specialised in recording the unique connections and amazing stories of twins and triplets across Australia. Author of the book series ‘A World of Twins, Helga has photographed hundreds of sets of twins and triplets. Her work has earned her national and international awards including, most recently, the Summer Award at the 3rd international Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.

“I love photography: the art of telling stories, and the excitement of capturing unique moments in time. Recording memories, laughs, tears, smiles and special connections through my lens – this is my life’s work. Photography enables me to touch the world, one relationship at a time.”

If you require additional info my email is helga@twinsofaustralia.com.au