11731594_10152945077750911_3793105536328468424_oSo, how did Play Break, Week 2 go for you? Looks like you had some amazing fun, creativity was sparked and treasures were found!

For those of you who may be joining us just now, this Creative Challenge was inspired by a recent post by Petapixels re Creativity, and we thought we would put out a slightly revised version for the Beloved members – just for the fun of it!

Summer can be SO, SO, SO busy for most of us that we need to make sure that we have a play break now and again :)

Mostly, we just love to PLAY and this is another excuse to do so. Plus, PLAY is the best way to get those creativity juices flowing, imho ;)

If you’re up for it, we’d love for you to not only post your imagery, but share with us about your exploration, what opened up for you, what you saw differently, what it felt like and what discoveries have come about because of your “playing around”.

[Note: post one image/collage once a day on the FB group page and/or your own page. If the weekly challenge requires multiple pictures (more than there are days in the week), then please select the images that most reflect “play break” (which is our theme) and also consider what has most inspired creativity for you. And remember to use the #playbreak hashtag so we can find you :)]

As a special incentive, there will be weekly giveaways based on uniqueness and playfulness of the imagery, plus sharing of your ideas/thoughts/discoveries. [Please note: The Beloved Team will be able to participate, but not be eligible for the prizes :( ]

SO, here goes #PlayBreak Challenge Week 3!

Choose one subject and place it, where it exists, in each corner of the frame for 4 images. Your subject must be “Beloved” in some way (very loosely defined, so please use your commentary to let us know how you are connecting with your subject and what makes it unique/special/meaningful to you).

With your story, please let us know what discoveries you make with this type of placement. What did you notice? Did you try something different from your usual placement within the frame? Did you create unique patterns by arranging the images? Do you see the subject differently because of the arrangement?
Can you go to the other side of the subject? Do the same. Shoot all four sides in all four corners if possible. See what you come up with!

Please remember to post with this hashtag #playbreak3 so we can find you :)