10 blog post ideas for photographers.

As a photographer and a business owner, you have to think about blogging. A lot. I’m sure you’ve heard all the advice about blogging being vital to your business, how it improves your SEO, how it connects with your clients, how it’s one of the best marketing activities you can spend your time on.

And that’s all good and true. But sometimes, you sit down in front of your computer, place your fingers on the keys… and nothing comes. There’s such a huge pressure for everyone to be a professional blogger these days, even when, actually, your real craft is something entirely different. And yet, in order to stay in the game you have to try to keep up with a blogging schedule to rival any full time blogger.

The problem is, you are probably not a professional writer. Your strengths as a photographer might feel so far removed from words, that representing your vision in blog form feels exceedingly difficult to you. So you wonder what an earth you’re even supposed to write about… and end up only blogging images. And there’s nothing wrong with blogging images, that’s how you get your work in front of the eyes of potential clients, but there is something to be said about writing and the way it allows you to talk to people in a way that makes them feel more connected to you as a person, not just to the work you produce.

To help you out, here are 10 blog topics that might spark your imagination. And perhaps next time, instead of always posting the same wall of images or that ‘latest news’ blog post, you’ll have ideas for something that will engage your clients on a different level.

1. Give your clients advice

This one is kind of obvious, but sometimes it can feel ‘too’ obvious to us, because we know our craft and process inside out. Chances are that your prospective clients haven’t hired a professional photographer that many times before, never the less one that uses interaction techniques during the shoot. Educate your clients about what goes into the process, so that they can better imagine themselves having a shoot with you, and have realistic expectations for what to expect.

2. Be a curator of taste

Share the things that inspire you, and inform your creative work, with your clients. For example, use Pinterest to curate visual inspiration that fits your aesthetic, and share your favourite pins on your blog. When you add blog posts of your work with the same aesthetic into the mix, you have the beginnings of a very strong visual identity that will attract the right clients to you.

3. Share your purpose

Let your clients know why you are in business, and what truly drives you. Exposing this corner of your heart with people is one of the quickest ways to connect strongly with those who your purpose resonates with. That’s especially important when working with your clients in the Beloved way. You should be willing to give your truth first before asking your clients to hand over theirs.

4. Answer questions

Chances are, you get emails asking questions about various things regarding photography or Beloved weekly. Share those questions on your blog, so that everyone can benefit from your answers. You can see how I do this on my photography blog here.

You can decide whether you only want to answer questions relating to your photography clients, or whether to also include those asked by fellow photographers. These two don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive because replying to questions by other photographers will help potential clients view you as an expert in your field.

5. Share life experiences

Share stories about life experiences that lead you to where you are now. Make it into a conversation and ask if any of your readers want to share their experiences on a particular topic, such as ‘life-altering holiday’, or the ‘best life decision’.

6. Write a letter to your former self

This is a great way to talk about your successes and the things you’ve learned in a natural, non-boastful, way. It’s also a good way for communicating the specific things about your business or photography process you feel most passionate about, without coming off as dictating ‘rules’ to potential clients.

7. Show behind the scenes glimpses

Showing pictures or video clips of you at work can help potential clients to better imagine working with you. Plus it makes for a fascinating post to be able to see, and read about, how an artists works.

8. Consider a video post

If you struggle with writing, a video post could be a great option. Just choose a topic you can talk about for five minutes or so and record yourself talking to the camera. If you feel uncomfortable being on camera, you could even consider a voice recording, or talking over a slideshow of your images.

9. Show before and after photos

Sometimes a beautiful photograph can make it look easy. It’s fascinating to people to see what your starting point was, whether it was a difficult room, terrible lighting situation or perhaps an ugly corner of an industrial estate you transformed into a cool background. If you share what you were up against, while still capturing a great photo, people will be more than happy to put their trust in you.

10. Write about the things that matter to you most

For example, if potential clients see that family is your number one priority, they will feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll understand their needs when it comes to having you as their family photographer. When people love the same things as you do, that creates a connection, which leads to loyalty.

Marianne Taylor is a Certified Beloved Teacher, former Director of the Beloved Collective, the creator of Beloved Magazine and founder of Her Lovely Heart.