12473511_10153185540411432_6415638622984326355_oWell! I think I have waited long enough so as to not be competing with the onslaught of “resolutions are evil!” or “goal setting is actually counter-productive!” or “this is your year!” hype that is usually viraling from one social media circle to the next around this time of year! But Happy 2016 anyway!

Hope is palpable and alive for me whether it is the beginning of a new year or not, and keeping that hope fresh and alive and relevant is what gets me up in the morning and what puts me to sleep at night :)

But let’s take THIS breath, THIS moment to consider where you might be on the “hope” scale…

Many of us chase after that feeling that something good is just about to happen, something is just around the corner. And there are numerous people, connections, books, programs, even quotes that are bringers of hope, but then what happens?  What do we do with what we learn, what we consume on a daily basis? Do we waste it away or get bored with it or throw it out, and then go looking for hope somewhere else? Are we caught up in the constant searching for the next BIG thing?

For right here, right now, let’s consider THIS breath, THIS moment as the Seed of Hope, full of potential, full of possibility.

In the Moment Design Online Training Jesh discusses the idea of “seed-sized” which is a general principle that helps Moment Designers move through their every day explorations. He used to be interested in doing really BIG things, making a BIG impact, accomplishing BIG things, leaving a BIG mark. But what he recognized over the years is that very very BIG things come from very very small things, seed-sized things. And if a person pays attention to those small things they can have a greater effect over the long run.

One of the metaphors he uses is that of a comparison: a full grown sequoia tree (weighing 90 tons) compared to a million seeds from the sequoia weighing only about 8 pounds – can you imagine the weight of only one seed! Every one of us could lift a seed… none of us could lift a full grown tree. But what of the possibility!

As simple as that seems, it’s an important thing to understand and implement throughout our creative process. If you are pouring the same amount of energy into the right place, to the efficient place, to that “seed-sized” place, in your creative process, in your business, or in your life… you can move things to greater distances, ultimately affect a broader area. But if you are applying that energy to a place where it is already too late, too BIG, where it is part of the process that you can’t affect, it will feel like you are powerless, it will feel like you don’t have the ability to make a change, you don’t have the ability to do what you want.

Throughout your day to day, throughout your creative process, throughout your explorations… you want to constantly remind ourselves: Am I working with this at the seed level? am I working at the place where this is really going to have the most profound and important impact? Or am I pouring my energies into a place that is not going to allow me to see/realize the results that I want?

“To change a moment is to change a day, to change a day is to change a life, to change a life is to change a world, to change a world is to change forever.” -Jesh de Rox

And so because we all have the ability to change the moment that is right in front of us, to affect THIS moment, to interact with THIS moment, to communicate with it in a way that no one else ever has… because of that “seed-sized” interaction – in our hands – in your two hands right now – you literally have the ability to affect forever, to have an effect on the course of human development. And that is a hopeful and miraculous thing!

My challenge to you, then – for the year 2016 – is to take a look at where you are trying to be BIG… and consider where you can be “seed-sized” instead.

Take THIS seed of hope, THIS breath, THIS moment and Affect Your Own Forever!