md-11122015jeshinbali-11057576_10206154534166641_1655943903130654235_oSo, you might be wondering about this image :) This is Jesh, being free, being joyful, trying something new, doing it differently than he’s ever done it before. He’s an explorer, one of those wild adventurers who enjoys the thrill of seeing magic in whatever he does, wherever he goes.

There is a tendency for humans to become complacent with/about life.  Let’s admit it: our brains are geared to finding the easiest and most efficient way to do something.  And once we think we know how to do it, the information gets stored very neatly into little compartments, only called upon when and if necessary. In our brain’s amazing ability to keep us safe and protected, we create routines, establish patterns, and otherwise fall into ruts of existence.

Add to that the daily tasks of caring for our life situations, the amount of energy needed to maintain some sense of stability and security for ourselves and our loved ones, providing for our basic needs.

Our challenge as creatives, then, is to find ways to break free from routine, break out of patterns and break away from the norm, the ruts that keep our wheels spinning in the same spot for far too long!
And that’s what we are about to embark upon! The Joyful Path!

Do you want to turn any normal activity into something magical and full of joy? Follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Do nothing the normal way.
  2. Do it with everything you've got.
  3. Do it in celebration / in honor of someone you love.

So, we dare you to Jump for Joy this 2016! And do it with any every day activity, something you would consider routine or mundane. We’d love to hear how it works for you!