Over the many years, Jesh has been developing the best ways to communicate what he does, explain his process, teach the concepts and technique of what we all fell in love with and are most familiar with as “Beloved”.


He found that in order to convey any kind of message there needs to be a common language, a way to understand what is being shared. Although Beloved has been a common language for us and has opened up many beautiful doors to genuine connection and experience for ourselves and for our muses – trying to communicate what we love to do has not always been easy to explain.

We would like to change that: open the doors even wider, make it even more accessible and invite even more photographers and clients to experience what we have to offer. <3

 We feel that the best way to reach a broader audience, and to help explain what has been coined as the “Beloved” concept and technique is to use terminology that conveys a more clear understanding of what is actually happening: and that is where “Moment Design” comes in.


Possible” is the new brand, “Moment Design” is the terminology we are using to explain the concepts and technique that we are currently using.

Here is the definition as explained in the new Moment Design Online Training:

"Moment Design is an emerging field of art that explores the human being as an instrument capable of generating experiences - especially those of wonder, connection, joy and epiphany." 

Simple, succinct, and still very much about the original principles of connection.

Although the foundational principles for both Beloved and Moment Design are about genuine connection with our muses, there are a few differences. As certified photographers with us, you have shown commitment to the shared belief that we can affect We would love for you to be updated with the new terminology and concepts as soon as possible.

 As our promise to serve and support those who have chosen to be certified with us, we invite you to complete the Moment Design Online Training as a gift from us. After completion of the course, you will be re-certified as Moment Designers!


As an additional assistance and resource for the transition, we will be conducting a year long study/review for the Certified Members only called: Seed-sized Steps for Success.

Each month we will be discussing the various aspects of Moment Design and how it applies to your photography business, as well as how it shows up in your life.

First quarter (Jan thru March): Intention
Second quarter (April thru June): Attention
Third Quarter (July thru September): Invitation
Fourth Quarter (October thru December): Possible Moment

Though we are a bit behind schedule, we will be starting this month with the exploring the First Phase of Moment Design called: Intention.

For those who would like to join in on the fun, the posts will be offered on a weekly basis with discussion around each post to be found on the Certified Beloved Photographer group page.

For Jesh as well as for many of us, it has always been about the journey rather than the destination and this is just one more step, or rather LEAP, that we can take together!