The most impactful element of the entire photographic process is actually YOU.

“I didn’t become a photographer because I wanted to observe things, but because I wanted to feel them. I often felt isolated as a child. the camera gave me a passport directly into peoples’ lives, an open invitation to be close to where feelings come from.

“What I saw there, what I found, changed me. What began as a journey with a camera became an exploration of what it is to be human – why we want the things we want, why we are so often afraid to show it, and the pure magic that happens when we do.

“I look back on the life I have lived so far and am stunned with the beauty I have come across, hidden in plain sight, the moments I’ve shared with those I have seen and loved, the way my memory carries them with me. I am thrilled with the journey to here, thrilled to see what comes next. Throughout this course, more than anything else, I want to show you something truly incredible: yourself.” – Jesh de Rox


What we are talking about with Intention. If you want your work to have that explorative aspect to it, then that sense of exploration has to be there IN you as you are taking these pictures.

The most impactful element of the entire photographic process is actually YOU.

All art begins with “seeing” and this is certainly true when we are taking photographs. It is incredibly important to pay attention to where our eyes are directed when we look, and not just in a physical sense: where is our mindset; where is our mood; what kinds of thoughts and feelings are going through our head as we are entering into the conversation of this portrait.

“There are two ways to see the world: one as though nothing is a miracle and the other as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein


Part 1

This week, take note of interesting things you see/hear/feel/sense. What makes it interesting to you? Who are you when you are sensing this? What does it feel like when your interest is sparked? ignited? encouraged? How might you carry this into your photo session experience?

Part 2

Share your findings with at least two different people over the course of the week. Observe during the course of your conversation with these persons your level of enthusiasm, level of energy, how you feel when you are sharing/discussing. Also notice the response of the other person. Are they engaged as you share your excitement/discovery? Do you notice any change in their facial expressions? body language?

Important Note: There is no right or wrong with this experiment. And we would LOVE to hear about your findings! Please share with us on the FB group page. This is just the beginning of many amazing challenges as we explore how Moment Design enhances our creativity, our level of interaction with ourselves and our clients, our sense of adventure with life!