As a continuation of transitioning to the Moment Design concepts and technique, we will be doing an experiment this week.


"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." -Anaïs Nin

Many of you have heard this quote before, but as a Seed-Sized step, I would like for you to consider again just what that means to you.

How do you see yourself? This is an important question for those who really want to grasp the Moment Design concepts. The first Phase – which has been taught as Visual insight in the Beloved technique – is about YOU! so really getting to know yourself is vital to the entire process.

For your first assignment, then, we invite you to schedule a photo-shoot with yourself (Take a self portrait) that is expressive of where you are in your life at this moment. (NOTE: For those who are already taking the Moment Design course you may use the photo which you posted, but if you really want to be relevant with how you are feeling and who you are right now, we would love to see you continue to explore this!)

Then schedule a photo-shoot with a photographer or friend in which you are the subject. [this does not have to be a professional shoot.]

Note your thoughts about both experiences: how they felt the same; how they felt different; what thoughts/feelings came up for you as you were taking a self portrait in comparison to your thoughts and feelings when someone else was taking a portrait of you.

These are some questions that might help after you do the experiment:

  1. As you look back on what you wrote, were there any judgement words or terminology that implies criticism? Please share.
  2. If so, how might this perspective affect other areas of your life: as a creative? as a business person? Please share.
  3. If not, how might your perspective help you with other areas of your life? as a creative? as a business person? Please share.