Today, direct from Sweden, we have a pregnancy mini session from Possible/Beloved Collective member, Michaela Edlund!

Michaela just recently incorporated the Moment Design/Beloved technique to her photography, and as she told us: “I have just started to use beloved and really feel like home with this way to work, I love it!” 

From Michaela:

“This lovely couple is Gunilla and Jimmy. We meet up for a short mini session just a couple of days before there second baby was born. Gunilla and Jimmy met in a party several years ago and have been a couple ever since… and now they are a family with two lovely girls. I’m really happy that we found the time to do this session before the baby came, just to give them a short time to be just them as a couple before the magic and special time comes with the new baby. We had the session in our neighborhood in a suburb to Stockholm. The location is at first sight not that special but it always turns out lovely in the pictures with the brick wall and the nature. One of my favorite places to shoot, my costumers always feel surprised when they see there pictures for the first time!”







Photograper_Michaela Edlund_Beloved_Gunilla and Jimmy-14

Photograper_Michaela Edlund_Beloved_Gunilla and Jimmy-12

Photograper_Michaela Edlund_Beloved_Gunilla and Jimmy-20


Photograper_Michaela Edlund_Beloved_Gunilla and Jimmy-17

Thank you so much, Michaela, for sharing this photo session with us…  it is such a wonderful way for Gunilla and Jimmy to remember this special time before their new baby!