@juliefulsher sudden like an inhale

Photo Credit: @juliefulsher Julie Fulsher

Friday Feels Good #fridayfeelsgood #feelgoodfriday

Hello Everyone! We were so inspired and uplifted by the positive feedback and the support that has been rolling in for MOMENT DESIGN #momentdesign on Instagram this past week that another #bestofinstagram here on the Blog was just necessary!

Are you following us on Instagram? Are you sharing your images with us? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #belovedcollective and #momentdesign when posting to Instagram. We would love to feature YOU!

Please take a few moments to share this experience with us…

“Moment design is a way of looking at yourself as a creative instrument that is capable of experiencing states of wonder, connection, joy and ephipany.” -Jesh de Rox

@lightedpixelsphotography Kelvin Koh

Photo Credit: @lightedpixelsphotography Kelvin Koh


Minna Burgess @minna_burgess_photography

Photo Credit: @minna_burgess_photography Minna Burgess


Cathy Marion @cathy_marion Dance & Love

Photo Credit: @cathy_marion Cathy Marion


Beth Gilhooly @beth_fernley_photography

Photo Credit: @beth_fernley_photography Beth Gilhooly


barbara rahal

Photo Credit: @barbara_rahal Barbara Rahal


ge.lacombe_photos Genevieve Lacombe

Photo Credit:  @ge.lacombe_photos Genevieve Lacombe


@andreamarinop Andrea Marino

Photo Credit: @andreamarinop Andrea Marino



Photo Credit: @tamara_wickstrom Tamara Wickstrom