What matters most to you on this fine Monday?
Here at Moment Design/Beloved we care about what matters: we care about providing quality service and quality images for our customers, we care about quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones, we care about the connections we make throughout our lives.

Photo Credit: Beth Fernley Photography [Moment Design Teacher]

I was inspired by a recent podcast about “Hope”. One of the characteristics of being a hopeful person is maintaining your aspiration, your vision for what matters most to you.


Photo Credit:  Linda Rehlin [Moment Design Teacher]

In every day life situations there are numerous things that distract us from our aspirations, our vision for ourselves, our photography, our business. We can easily lose hope that we will succeed in our endeavors: our photo sessions, our sales, our businesses, our lives.


Photo Credit:  Life Photography by Maz

But if we remember / remind ourselves / bring our attention back around to what really matters… what REALLY matters…

Those genuine smiles we see on our client’s faces; the contagious laughter we experience with them as they connect with a thought, a memory, a precious moment; the beautiful affection they share with one another, with their loved ones right before our eyes…


Photo Credit:  Fifth Season Photo

When we trust that the possible is right there in front of us, then hope wins, we win, they win, it’s a WIN, WIN, WIN for what matters most!


Photo Credit:  Belleverdiglionephotography

Included in this post are some Family Matters Moments we have been inspired by lately.

A family can consist of a friend, a pet, several children, one child, couples just starting out etc. Family is whatever/whomever matters most to you.

Keep sharing and spreading the possible moments captured on a regular basis. We love to hear what matters most to YOU. Thank you! #mondaymatters #momentdesign #familymatters #possible


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