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Photo Credit: Jesh de Rox 
You know what is an awesome WIN
An awesome win is seeing people come together in a group and support one another along this journey, called life. This is how our Moment Design photographers are.  We have seen so many positive interactions, encouragement, helpful tips and tools and sharing of wonderful Moment design creations.

We just feel so proud!

Lyn Marie Whittle recently posted in our group encouraging the community to post their favorite image of the month and share  what ‘invite’ they used to capture that emotion on camera. We are so thankful for our members and clients.

What a great way to celebrate a win for the photographer as well as a win for the client! Here are the images that were shared that day. Thank you for sharing. We hope this inspires you to share and encourage. :)

Lyn Marie Whittle
“A couple of weeks ago I had a solo session with this beautiful mumma. I asked her to tell me what she loves the most about her grandson. As she spoke her face lit up. She clearly adores him.”

Jo Haycock
“What characteristic would you gift her through life…she answered ‘to be gracious’ (they’ve now added Grace as a middle name.)”

Iris Wuijster
“Let your kiss tell her how beautiful she is today! He just didn’t stop…. Lol.”

Gwendolyn Pieters
“Think about a moment that you were really proud of her and express this feeling only by touching her face…”

Abigail Smith
“I asked them if we could play a game of hide and seek and I’d ‘catch‘ them with my camera.”

Linda Rehlin
“Just mom and the girls!”

Shannon Jenkins
“I was asked to do a solo shoot for this wonderful lady…
“It was definitely not what she thought it was going to be like & at the end she hugged me for the longest time while we had a joyful cry together, lol.

“In this moment I asked her to give herself a hug while affirming all the wonderful things in her life….. it was so heartwarming to see a sense of calm come over her after all the storms she has weathered.”


Gwendolyn Pieters
“With every letter in his name, say something you appreciate about him.”

“Let her blush.”
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Jade Flores
“Show me with a hug how much you all love each other…”

The initiative and the comments from the group were all so great!

Please check the Facebook Moment Design/Beloved Collective group for more inspiring comments and invites. If you would like more information on our Training Sessions for Moment Design or info on tools/invites please follow the link.

This is exactly what we LOVE about this group – so responsive, so encouraging, so much GOODNESS! <3

Thank you to all of you, and especially to Lyn Marie Whittle for initiating this thread! Let’s keep the inspiration going! :)  -Mama T.