“The thing we really need to learn as Moment Designers is that everybody is a miracle all of the time.”
Jesh de Rox on Moment Design

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We are a reflection of love.
Photo Credit: Andrea Marino Photography

I see a bright light shining when you smile.
Photo Credit: Kylie Marie Photography

When I am with you I feel free.
Photo Credit: Linda Eliasson 

In this very moment with you.
Photo Credit: Maria O. Photo


Photo Credit: Barbara Rahal
“If you want to make images that are so full of beauty and joy that it makes people laugh or cry when they see them, you need to be so full of joy that you are laughing or you are crying just because of the moment right in front of you.”
Jesh de Rox


Photo Credit: Cathy Marion

Photo Credit: Daniel Bourdenet

Felix Irawan
Allow yourself to feel.
Photo Credit: Felix Irawan

jess @essence_images
Enjoy the moment. Explore the possible.
Photo Credit: Jess Chia 


Photo Credit: LiFe Photography

On this journey with you.
Photo Credit: Melvin & Natalie of Multifolds 

Create space for all of the feelings.
Photo Credit: Yana Klein 

“A powerful picture is only powerful because there was a powerful moment happening.”
Jesh de Rox