If you’ve recently joined in the fun: Creative Challenge PossibleGO #possibleGO #findingthepossibles

Finalists are posted in the comments. So please VOTE! Winners will be selected from number of likes on IG + here on the FB group page tomorrow afternoon (Edmonton Alberta Canada time)!

Winners from other Moment Design Groups will also be celebrated tomorrow! <3

So many beautiful Possibles being captured! Thank you to all those participating in the Creative Challenge! IG Possible posts are through the ROOF! Woo hoo! <3

If there are any others would like to participate in the PossibleGO Creative Challenge, please let us know. <3

We have decided to adjust some of the rules for the Creative Challenge, so please review below:

For the rest of the contest, we will ask that you continue to post in your own groups, the Moment Design France will be posting in their own group, the Dutchie group will be posting in their own group, Designing You – Swedish Group etc, as well as each of the Moment Design groups around the world!

This will mean there is a better chance for you to WIN! as your possibleGO entries will be selected by the Moment Design Teachers in your own group and then voted by YOU!

We will post each global winner on our Moment Design Main Group page, so you will still enjoy exposure for all to see! :)

This week’s PossibleGO Deep & Meaningful images should be submitted no later than Saturday evening so that the Moment Design Teachers will have time to pick their top three from among you. And then on Monday, you will get to choose from the top three! Yay! More possibles! More Winners! :) <3

For those also posting on IG, please make sure we know which Moment Design group you are involved in as we are also collecting all the images which reference #possibleGO #findingthepossibles ;)

We want to recognize your efforts and support you for your contributions to our community! <3



Photo Credit: Typhanie Piton Photography


Photo Credit: Ella Lu Photography


Photo Credit: Andrea Galkova Photography


Photo Credit: Mariët Heikoop-ten Hove


Photo Credit: Cynthia de Jong.


Photo Credit: Inge Berken.