A-fresh, A-new, A-live!

I realize this comes a bit late, but here goes with bringing in the New Year, a bit late!

I am always a bit giddy when the New Year comes around! Yes, I know it is only another day in the cycle of daily life, but celebrating and welcoming new possibilities with a world-wide community is something I sense deeply and something I respect and honour as a tradition, and so I am excited to be part of it. Plus, it’s like celebrating a birthday for the Year! And who doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays?

Happy Birthday, Year!

So, how do you really feel about coming into the New Year? Already a bit skeptical? Already feeling that the days are passing by WAY too quickly? And what could you ever do that could possibly change that?

And what are you bringing with you? old ideas? old ways of thinking, old habits, old routines, old patterns? old ways of doing? seeing? being? From what I am seeing via the social media, it seems like a rehash of the same-ol-same-ol, perhaps with a twist.

And of course, we bring the old because that is what we know – whether nature or nurture – and that is what is most comfortable and that is what is most certain (at least to a degree).

But bringing ONLY the old into the New can be similar to the definition commonly used for insanity: Doing the same thing but expecting different results.

And so the debate rages between those who declare New Year and said resolutions a sham and those who hope to protect their right to try new things (even if they don’t last), to make claims and promises (that are usually very difficult to keep) and make resolutions and proclamations (that sometimes end up on the wayside of life’s priorities).

The issue for me is about expectations and the disappointment that can be had if those new things, claims and promises, resolutions and proclamations don’t quite happen the way I “expect” they shoulda, coulda, woulda. So, this is my year to Becomes-Her-Vision and embody what I have learned and am still learning, rather than to have expectations around my learning.


Don’t you just LOVE the way winter, in its naked beauty, brings such clarity, stripped bare of embellishments and foilage, all those things we hide behind because we feel more comfortable not being quite as exposed, not quite as vulnerable.

Yes, winter affords an opportunity to see through our “personal walls” right into the heart of the matter! And sometimes that heart is the horizon with ever-stretching arms that reach past what we think is know-able, reachable, or attainable. So let’s stop hiding behind what has or hasn’t worked for us in the past.

Together, let’s stretch ourselves beyond what we have thought to be knowable and attainable to a NEW sustainable. Let’s try something new that is built on a foundation of “old”, but with new direction and new purpose, new energy.

The mind needs new in order to thrive, to feel alive.

So, here’s an idea:

Finding and living by a “word” of the year is something that I have practiced for the last 3 years, but I want it to feel new and fresh and real for me this year. In the past, having a “word” has helped me find my way back to center, when I would otherwise be overwhelmed or confused by the enigmas of life. And especially on those days when the myriad of unfinished, unaccomplished, unresolved issues kept knocking on my front door, I could find some direction and purpose again. And so, my word for this year is “Becomes Her Vision”.

And I would challenge you – if you have not done so already – to find your WORD, your intention, your focus, your resolve (rather than your resolution). And do so in a new way, with intention, with commitment, with accountability.

STEP 1) Find your WORD. Only one word. For some of us who are accustomed to being quite verbal, this can be a difficult task. But focus brings clarity and with clarity comes great beauty, and beauty, well, that is just plain beloved.

STEP 2) Find a QUOTE or quotes that are centered around/based on your WORD. Many of us are quote seekers, inspired by those who have such a command of the language as to provide profundity with simplicity. Why? because again, it provides a compass for us, a direction or re-direction when we need it; it demands our attention, realigns us with our dreams, our passions, our purpose.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernard Shaw


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

STEP 3) FiND something or MAKE something, anything, with/around/about your WORD, your quote, your thing!

And then,

STEP 4) SHARE it with me, with your family and friends, with the Moment Design members. Let’s hold ourselves accountable to our WORD and see what happens!