I think we forget sometimes that we are creatives first… i was just speaking with Daniel Bourdenet (one of our amazing Certified Moment Design/Beloved Teachers and who represents Moment Design/Beloved France) and was reminded just how important creativity is – with any art form, but of course we are specifically addressing photography and visual arts as beloved photographers in this post.

Jesh de Rox is currently exploring “creative genius” along with the misunderstanding that some people are just “born with it” while the rest of us are, well, just not, lol. and he is actively pursuing a means of developing techniques and exercises that enhance our ability to access that which is innate, that creative genius which can be accessed by ALL of us.

Creativity and the imagination in the process of creativity is a hot topic right now – in many fields, but especially in the scientific world which has always been fascinated with the brain and its wondrous functions. there are more resources for exploring which parts of the brain “light up”, become more active and excited when someone is in their “creative” mode, so the push is on to document that which has always seemed a bit ethereal or esoteric, creativity.

“Creative people are better at recognizing relationships, making associations and connections, and seeing things in an original way—seeing things that others cannot see.”  ~ says a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity, Nancy Adreasen

I have always been fascinated by such topics, and that is one of the reasons i am inviting you to join in the “beloved treasure hunt” (it’s not just another plug for some crazy idea that someone is trying to push on you).

And what i know is that as we explore – beyond our normal modes of thinking, our normal practices of processing information, our normal/routine ways of responding with the daily pressures of life – we open up the possibility of new and fresh ideas, fresh perspectives.

Making it fun is just that: a way to open up new possibilities! a “creative” way to not only enjoy life, but to look for/search for that which we may have not taken the time for, soft spots, for instance! and i get so excited about it, i just want to let you know what the treasure hunt item is for next week, but… i think i will just tease you with the thought of it… ;)

More to come, for sure!