If you haven’t already come up with an Idea for generating business for Mother’s Day, I hope this will give you a bit of inspiration.

Are you wanting to try something new and different this year as a way of capturing the attention of your clients and also offering them something that feels very personal and evokes an emotional response?

Give them the Luxury of Love. And treat them to an experience of a lifetime!

Luxury of Love can mean different things to different people, but it describes a feeling, a connection, an attraction, a state of being similar in words or phrases such as when your “knees get weak”, and your “heart starts fluttering”, that “warm and tingly” or “warm and fuzzy” sensation, those “butterflies in your stomach”, those “starry eyes”, that “soft and dreamy gaze” – all of those luxurious feelings that come about when you share interest in or for another person.

Mostly, it is about creating an atmosphere in which a person feels loved and appreciated, honoured and respected. And you are not only inviting them to experience those feelings, but also capturing those moments for them, moments that would otherwise melt away.



1) First, get the word out by creating some posters/flyers/ads for your community. Start by using some of your own images that tell a story or create the atmosphere that you desire. It only took me a couple of hours to create and I’m certain that most of you are way more adept with this process than I :)


2) Insert whichever words that are appropriate for your style and approach to your clients,  but are also enticing and attractive. I chose simple, yet meaningful words just to give you an idea. But there are so many ways to say something genuine and heart-felt: rewarding, fulfilling, connecting, warm and fuzzy, delightful, joyful and fun-filled, close and personal.


3) Convey the feeling that you wish for your customers, the experience that you hope to achieve with your Moment Design/Beloved session: whether it is a child’s session with best friends, or a mother daughter session, or a lover’s session. Create that special opportunity to make their day feel luxurious! More unique ideas found in A Perfect Day (and not just for girls, btw)! Be sure to include your contact information and logo on your marketing material and offer it with a super sweet deal!


4) And then reach out to your local community with flyers, or a newspaper ad, if that works for you: collaborating with hairdressers, and spas, with flower markets and even chocolatiers (thank you, Daniel Bourdenet, for that grand idea!) and/or other photographers who could be a referral for your area of expertise. Reach out to family members and friends – offer them an opportunity to experience it first-hand so that they can be a word-of-mouth advertisement. And of course, blast your Social Media channels with all your goodness ;)


5) Plan, Design, Create, and have TOO much FUN! Create the experience that you wish for your muse(s) and let them know how much you care!

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