This Kind of Love has been an overwhelming success thanks to over 500 images submitted and almost 150 photographers from all over the world!


Our top ten images are posted, so you can join in the goodness and celebrate the beautiful images that stole our hearts and made us feel this kind of love.

We love to celebrate the beautiful photographers who inspire us and contribute to our community! Please give them some love by visiting their websites and follow on social media.


Magical, Mystical Love. Ricardo Meira : Portugal


Glowing, Intimate Love. Sigit Prasetio : Indonesia


Adorable Baby Love. Corinna Keiser : Germany


Sinking Deeply Love. Sandra Gielesen : The Netherlands


Happy, Authentic Love. Sandra Gielesen : The Netherlands


Soothing, Happy Love. Heart and the Sea : Jade & Nath : Australia


Majestic, Affectionate Love. Linda Eliasson : Sweden


Strong, Caring Love Heleen Klop Fotografie : The Netherlands


Wild, Passionate Love. Daniel Bourdenet : France


Subtle, Intimate Love. Tashana Klonius : USA



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Moment Design is not about posing and asking questions: It’s about interacting with and relating to and sharing our humanness: the aliveness, the joy, the laughter, the warmth, the intimacy that we experience as human beings.

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