This week’s feature by Erica Wheadon. Here’s what she has to say:
This session was done in the Gold Coast Hinterland, in Queensland, Australia on the 8th of February with photographer Leah Blissett and her husband, Lance.

“I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera!”
“Thank you so so much. You have made my week, seriously”

Leah and I met in the Beloved Facebook group, and hit it off. She was moving to Queensland, and about to undertake the Beloved course at the same time as me. I was looking to make a promo film to advertise my sessions and needed a couple. As it turns out, she was about to ask me if I could do a session for her and her husband Lance anyway – so how’s that for synchronicity!

Leah and Lance have actually been living separately for quite some time. He moved up to the Sunshine Coast for work, while she stayed with their children in Sydney as their house was on the market. She was booking weddings in both locations and flying up and down the east coast, but they rarely got to spend much time together. They later confided to me during the shoot that it was one of the hardest decisions they have ever made.
EricaWheadon_LeahLance2 EricaWheadon_LeahLance3 EricaWheadon_LeahLance4 EricaWheadon_LeahLance5
When we did the shoot – they had two weeks left before Leah moved up here permanently – the light was at the end of the tunnel and they were about to be a family again – so it was very emotional for both of them.
EricaWheadon_LeahLance6 EricaWheadon_LeahLance7 EricaWheadon_LeahLance8 EricaWheadon_LeahLance9 EricaWheadon_LeahLance10 EricaWheadon_LeahLance11 EricaWheadon_LeahLance12 EricaWheadon_LeahLance13 EricaWheadon_LeahLance14 EricaWheadon_LeahLance15 EricaWheadon_LeahLance16 EricaWheadon_LeahLance17 EricaWheadon_LeahLance18 EricaWheadon_LeahLance19 EricaWheadon_LeahLance20
As always, there were tears all around – even from me – which is always life affirming. I love what I do.