Could I work with a partner when doing MOMENT DESIGN?

It will take a certain amount of practice to sync and balance your communication and energies but working with a partner can be a great way to do Moment Design/Beloved Sessions.

The level of openness, genuineness & joy that your Muses feel from you are always going to be the best indicator of how much of those same feelings your Muses think they should share. this means you are really well served to pay attention to both you and your partner being on the same page about what you’re communicating through your tone and body language.

Especially when it comes to the deeper Invites, that sense of intimacy that is created is a delicate thing, easily broken. one of you coming across as closed will be as much of an obstacle as both of you being closed.

The advantage is in you two knowing each other well enough to help encourage each other toward being and staying in a great Clear State.

Even though it may not be visible, the degree of connection each of you shares with each other is going to send big signals to those you work with. you may want to create a practice of spending 10-30 min of bonding time with your husband directly before you go into the shoot, to help bring and model the energy you’re hoping to be returned to you.

Remember, if Gandhi was photographer, he would have said: ‘Be the picture you want to take.’

Technically speaking, i’d recommend one photographer give the Invites and the other shoot. if you like, you can trade off with these roles, but you don’t need to. i know some photographer teams who stick to the same roles the whole time to wonderful effect. it’s like how movies are made – directors, photographers, producers etc.