Here’s me greeting the day with wonder, joy and abandon! <3

I usually post a Monday Matters hoping to inspire and inform in a way that motivates us to move through the week with wonder and joy… Mondays can either be a reason to get into our flow, into our groove or into a week-long roller-coaster ride!

Let’s go with flow this week! Who’s in?

So what kind of flow have you set into motion for your week? Is it a matter of scramble and guess work? or a matter of design?

For some of us, the scramble has become so routine that we think it’s normal. But for those who would like to experience something that offers a bit more space and calm, a bit more create and inspire into our daily lives, let’s decide to “design” our moments, our tasks, our daily to-do’s!

I have been practicing becoming an architect, an engineer of my time, my energy, someone who has to take into account what needs to be done, designs in space for self care and for things that matter to me – with practice and perseverance, I believe my schedule will become a work of art!

Architects design beautiful spaces, and I intend to design my day, my week, my life! Here are a few tips that have been helpful to me.

1. Stay curious – this is a fantastic start point, and indeed Einstein himself famously said that he had no real talents other than passionate curiosity.  Studies have shown that curiosity primes our brain for learning new things, so this is a crucial mindset to invoke from the off. Be curious about what is working, and what is not. Do you set aside time to stay curious?

[Make a date with yourself to be curious, a curioser and curioser one!]

2. Try stuff – prototyping is a fundamental part of design thinking. Yes! We are so stuck in our habits and routines that we don’t even consider trying something different, out of the ordinary. The Joyful Path, one of Jesh’s innovative ideas is one way to try something new – and experience the joy that can be had because of it.

[See Joyful Path image at the end of this post. I dare you to give it a try!]

3. Re-frame problems – there are a number of very well known cognitive biases that can limit our thinking and restrict our choices.  Indeed, studies have even shown that the way we frame things – our perspective – can play a significant part in whether we get started or procrastinate. By reframing our “problems” or even the things that we dislike doing we can often look at situations in a new light and come up with much better solutions to them.

[Pick one problem this week and re-frame it. What might change for you?]

4. Know it’s a process – There is a growing need for lifelong learning, and designing your life very much fits into this mold. Instead of living in the instant gratification mode 24-7, start designing with the understanding that life is a process, and start taking seed-sized steps that best fit that process. This focus on process rather than outcome will allow you to gain something from every eventuality, ever life situation, whether you have labeled it good or bad.

[What seed-sized step could bring you closer to flow this week? Choose at least one.]

5. Ask for help – Design and invention are increasingly collaborative processes, and designing your life is no different.  Having an open approach, both to new ideas and insights you can receive from people about new directions, but also in terms of feedback from others on those ideas will be beneficial to your overall design.  Who in your life would offer feedback that would be most helpful?

[Find someone not in your industry, someone who has a different approach, and who might offer a fresh perspective.]