We love to celebrate the wins of our Moment Design Online Training students. What we love even better : to share them with you!

Moment Design Online Training is FOR:
Gaining confidence & expertise interacting with your clients using the ground-breaking Moment Design Technique. Whether you photograph couples, families or even solo portraits, Moment Design Technique can provide you with tools to capture genuine emotion and authentic interaction with your subjects. After completing your course you are eligible to take the Moment Design Photographer Certification Assessment. Certified Moment Design Photographers are eligible to advance into a Teacher Qualification Program.

The Training INCLUDES:
Classes include access to an online training environment with 6 online video modules that guide you through the steps of the Moment Design Technique, detailing how & why it delivers its extraordinary effect. After every module there will be test questions and assignments, plus you and your classmates will have access to a private discussion group and a Qualified Instructor.

Here are just a few of the amazing images our most recent students shared after completing the course. Show them some love!

Astrid Schalk from The Netherlands

Sanne Van de Berg from The Netherlands

Johan Ekman from Sweden

Markie Wheeler-Jones from USA

Tess Wallenberg from Sweden

Regis Hervagault from France

Betsy Barron from USA

Julie Templin from USA

Freya Elders from The Netherlands

Jossan Urban from USA

Gemma Davies from USA

Phia Bergdahl fro Sweden

And here’s what they had to say:

“This class literally stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that in the end what matters most is the expression and emotion coming from my clients with my encouragement.”

“It was a great experience to engage with photographers from around the globe and share vulnerability while learning and to celebrate our accomplishments at the end through each others images. Bravo all around!!”

“I had toyed with the idea of doing this course after a Dutch friend mentioned how great it was to work with someone trained in this technique. I have had an unpublished website and an unrequited passion for photography for many years, and this course helped me to take the steps I needed, through controlled practice and being accountable.”

“I put out a model call and offered 3 prints as a thank you for being part of my project. I presented the images to the clients a couple of weeks ago and they were THRILLED with the images! It has been my highest sale to date! ”

“Thank you so much, Theresa, and Jesh and the team for all the amazing insight, inspiration and life-changing ideas that you have given in this course! I am forever grateful!”

And WE are forever grateful to be part of the Moment Design journey for all of our students! Hope we see you there soon!