The truth behind the “Best of Instagram” posts is that it’s extremely difficult, on a daily basis, to pick a photo to share! It is truly an honour to have so much beauty and goodness shared with us by YOU! Here are six examples of what we’re talking about….

Moment Design is a celebration of relationships, and this past week the celebration was beautiful on our Instagram feed! We’d love to feature your work and celebrate love and life and joy and connection all around the globe!

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tovergoud beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Tovergoud Bruidsfotografie


susi baxter seitz beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Susi Seitz


lumeah photography beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Lumeah Photography


mike semple beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Mike Semple Photography


jenny blair beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Live to Love Studio


zebra tales beloved photo share

Photo Credit: Zebra Tales

There is always room for more beloved moments, so please don’t forget to hashtag your images on Instagram with #belovedcollective, #beloved, and #momentdesign!