When running a creative business, we can easily feel doubly burdened with the need to come up with new ideas. Not only do we need to keep developing new ideas for our art, or the way we approach our craft, but we also need constant new ideas for running our business more effectively, or marketing more inventively. This pressure is one of the biggest reasons I started Her Lovely Heart. Not only is it hopefully beneficial and inspirational to you, the reader, but writing about these issues on a weekly basis gives my own idea-generator a good workout, too. And you know what, I’ve found that the more posts I write, and the more questions I answers, the more new ideas keep popping up. It’s become quite clear to me that we all have an endless ability to come up with ideas, but we do need to be actively working on pulling them out.

Intention & action
Intention and action can actually propel you quite far. You only need to look at some of those people who’s success makes you scratch your head, as you may not see the talent in their artistic craft (not saying it’s not there, sometimes these are issues of taste), and yet they seem to be forging ahead at a ferocious speed. Those people are shining examples of how taking action with intention will lead to gaining momentum. I’m not saying that reaching for the sky will always set you flying, but most likely you won’t be treading in the ditch either, that’s just how momentum works.

Idea target
It’s crucial to give your mind a good workout every day. Give yourself a target. Think of a current challenge you’re dealing with (for example: how to structure your pricing or website differently, how to attract more clients, what kind of new products you could offer etc), and decide that you are going to come up with five different ideas for five consecutive days, and stick to it. The first day will be h-a-r-d. But it will get easier, I promise! And somewhere midweek you might notice a shift, like a door opening, and new ideas just start flowing. Don’t judge the ideas, they can be silly or impractical, it only counts that they came from inside your head. Among them, a real diamond may lie.

Break habits
Another way to keep those synopses firing, and preventing your brain from getting stuck in the patterns it likes, you can take simple steps such as changing your everyday routines. Make a list of all of your daily habits, and then plan deliberate changes into your life every day. Here are some examples:

  • Take a different route, or form of transport, when you go grocery shopping.
  • Change your working hours
  • Work on different things every day
  • Listen to a different radio station every day
  • Watch or read your news from a different source
  • Cook foods you’ve never cooked before for a whole week
  • Read completely different book than you would normally choose
  • Go for a swim instead of a run
  • Have a conversation with a new person every day

I hope some of these things have given you a little push into a more routine-breaking-new-idea-generating direction. Remember, don’t let your brain get stuck into a pattern!

Marianne Taylor is the creator of Beloved Magazine and founder of Her Lovely Heart